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We are pleased to announce that the BMSL will play the Richmond Adult Soccer League (“RASA”) in an All-Star game!

This is a continuation of the inaugural match played in Richmond on Friday, February 24th, 2017 in Richmond.

This year it’s our turn to host, with the best v best competition taking place on Mon 8 Oct in Burnaby, at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex.

New this season, is the Masters All-Star game! Matches will be played in the afternoon, with Masters kick-off at 2:00pm, followed by the Open at 3:00pm.

Therefore, we need teams/managers to assist with creation of an All-Star team.

For Open All-Stars, we need to be able to balance representation from all teams in the First Division, along with the best players in the First Division and Open play.

For Masters All-Stars, we need to be able to balance representation from all teams in the Masters (First) Division, along with the best players in the Masters age category. And since it’s a Masters age competition, there is the possibility of including players 35+ years playing in Open.

Unfortunately, not all player names submitted will be chosen.

A committee led by BMSL Director Iain McCann, will ultimately choose the All-Star teams. Assisting him in this process will be other directors and team managers.

Teams are requested to submit player names for All-Star team consideration, as follows:

  • One (1) Defender – this may include keeper, if so chosen
  • One (1) Midfielder
  • One (1) Attacker – winger or striker

Write-in vote: teams may write-in one (1) additional player name for consideration. Please indicate the player’s position.

This player will be after the above three (3) are considered. If there remains space within the team (after the initial 30 players reviewed), this player will be considered next.

Please submit the above to the League (reply to this email) no later than Fri 28 Sep.

This allows us the weekend to deliberate and make decisions on the All-Star team selection.

We will do our best to balance team competition.

All players chosen for the team will play 30-60 minutes; the goal is 45 minutes.

While this is an All-Star game and we want to show RASA who is the best…we also need to be mindful of players and teams and pending games. While we have limited League games played over Thanksgiving weekend (in the lower open division), when you include upcoming midweek games and a practice…45-minutes seems fairest.

An All-Star team of 22-25 players is expected (for each Open and Masters).

We will be announcing the appointment of a coach for these All-Star teams and games.

It is expected that the team get together and practice 1-2 times ahead of the matches on Mon 8 Oct at 200/300.

Players need to be available for the game (and practices), in order to be considered for the team.

Additionally, we may have sponsor involvement; meaning a post-game adult beverage will be a requirement. Shouldn’t be a tough sell?

Being selected to play in the game is an honour!

The League has created special All-Star team kits (jersey, shorts, socks) for the game!

And is preparing a keepsake for each All-Star selection.

Success of this match will potentially lead to additional Divisions included in an annual event…

We look forward to receiving team replies, and the announcement of the BMSL All-Star teams at the conclusion of next weekend!


We are working hard to prepare our website for registrations for this upcoming 2018/2019 season. please stay tuned for player registration opening date.

Once player's registration opens, you can login with the username and password created last season, update your personal information, including Photo ID (if necessary) and accept the terms and conditions to later join your team roster again for our 2018/2019 season.  ** ONLY** new players who have never registred with BMSL, can create a new account and join a roster.

Please ask your team manager for the registration password.


joe ciresi

Please join us in honouring with a moment of silence prior to the start of all matches this weekend (Feb 18-19) for Joe Ciresi. He sadly passed away this morning. Joe was an official, who contributed a lot to the BMSL. Later a BCSA official assessor and an officials mentor; he will be missed.

Thank you


About BMSL

The BMSL is a men's soccer league, with all games played within Burnaby BC, mainly at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West (near Kensington and Sprott)