Team Managers

Team managers can accept or reject players. select your team from below and see if any players are waiting in the cue.

If you do not see your team listed below, means youb don't have admin access to your team. Let us know and we can grant you access.

Roster Management

Team ID's Access

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Roster Management Guide

Follow these steps to add players to your team

Step 1

Select Roster

From the team manager page. selct roster tab to manage your roster. notice there is a notificatin at top letting you know about a new player waiting in the cue.

Step 2


If any players have registered for your team, you will see a list of players in the cue waiting to be accepted or rejected. 

Step 3

Drop Down Select

From the drop down select, choose to appove or reject a player applicaiton to join the team roster. Make sure to save your changes.

step 4

Roster List

Once you save your chganges, you will be able to see a list of players approved to be in your team's roster.

About BMSL

The BMSL is a men's soccer league, with all games played within Burnaby BC, mainly at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West (near Kensington and Sprott)