Second Division

12 November, 2022 9:00 PM
Week 07



Player statistic

YUTAKA YEN 16'    
Christian Barbato 25'    
    38' Abdul Quadir
    40' Yuriy Kayda
    41' Yuriy Kayda
Jacob Mills 51'    
Mathew Garofalo 55'    
Luca Mannella 73'    

40' Mister Yuriy Kayda of Legion is cautioned for Unsporting Behaviour; after fouling 3 times an opposing player in the same play; while Roma player was dribbling on the right wing, on the last third of the field, Mister Kayda delivered two soft kicks to the shin, Roma player remained in posession of the ball, advantage was given, third time Mister Kayda tripped Roma player, causing him to fall, foul is called and Mister Kayda is cautioned, he complained loudly "Why? It was a soft foul", I replied "please calm down", Mister Kayda loudly yells at me "Fuck you!", I proceed to show him a red card for Abusive Language. Mister Kayda left the field without further protest and remained cooperative with officials after his dismissal, helping check in late players during half time and handing the referee fees that arrived with one of the late players. 16' Yutaka Yen, Goal in normal play. 25' Christian Barbato, Yellow Card, Unsporting Behaviour. 38' Abdul Quadir, Yellow Card, Unsporting Behaviour. 40' Yuri Kayda, Yellow Card, Unsporting Behaviour. 41' Yuri Kayda, Red Card, Abusive Language. 51' Jacob Mills, Yellow Card, Persistent Infringement. 55' Matthew Garofalo, Yellow Card, Unsporting Behaviour. 73' Luca Mannella, Goal in normal play.

Table Legend

  Promotion: 1st     Relegation Play-off: 9th
  Promotion Play-off: 2nd     Relegation: 10th

Qualification to Rudolph Cup: 1-5


Pre-qualify for Rudolph Cup: 6, 7
* or assigned to Bradford Cup: 6, 7
Qualification to Bradford Cup: 8-12

About BMSL

The BMSL is a men's soccer league, with all games played within Burnaby BC, mainly at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West (near Kensington and Sprott)