League Play

10 September, 2017 6:00 PM



Player statistic

Arian Ebrahimy 2'    
    7' Rob Garcia
Luca Bozzetto 18'    
Benjamin Tennant 23'    
    30' Michael Alambre
Amir Khadem 37'    
    39' Conor Rogan
Arian Ebrahimy 44'    
Seyed Shayan Eftekhari 55'    
Pablo Clinaz 61'    
Roberto Palacios 65'    
    65' Jeff Thomas
Sarbast Shukri 81'    
Luca Bozzetto 83'    
    84' Eric Vanderwey
Roberto Palacios 90'    

Additional information

Rubin Smilev


About BMSL

The BMSL is a men's soccer league, with all games played within Burnaby BC, mainly at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West (near Kensington and Sprott)

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